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The Jonsson, Olsson and Bäckman are the oldest names on our father's genealogical tree. Sarah Olsdotter Beckman (b. 1845) left Sweden in 1873 from Kristiansand in Norway. Jon Beckman emigrated to US in 1882.  It's likely that Jon was the last owner of the family farm - Bäck in Tveta parish, Värmland.

The stories about the Bäck farm and their earliest settlers were told to Maria Pehrsson (Anders' and Olofs grandmother) by Marias grandmother (Marja Jansdotter).

 In some papers Marja Jansdotter is referred to as "Maj(r)a Olsdotter". The reason might be that both Marjas mother and her daughters last name was Olsdotter. But Ma(r)ja's fathers first name was "Jan". 
("Olsdotter" or "Olsdaughter" is a combination of "Olle" (the fathers name) and "dotter").

In old times there were many wolfs in the western Sweden and folks in that area could tell strange stories about the meeting with them. In most of the stories there was a "moral sense", e.g. in Why one didn’t want to shoot wolves. (from the Family Chronical).

In the Chronical names of our relatives and "house-servants" are occurring frequently, e.g. "mother Annicka", Olle, Maja, Jon, Anders. One of the stories describes how Kerstin's baby was disovered in; The tale of "Barnsängsbråten"[1].

At Bäck there were also some "tomtar" (House-gnoms)

[1] Bråte, a space in the woods where trees have been chopped away. Barnsängsbråten could be translated as “The bråte of childbirth”



A Beckman storage 
house at Bäck farm.
Picture taken

First Beckman house built in Marguett in 
late 1800.


Newly taken picture
of the Marquette building.

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